New pool to open in Vint  Hill,  and Gainsville..

Check out the Freedom Center in Manassas,  New pool at South Riding sports complex.

Stay tuned for updates.

No adult program supported by Warrenton Masters anymore

Video of the New South Riding Pool [click here to see video]

On September 4th the WARF pool management served a trespass document on the former coach of the Warrenton Masters Swim Team. The coach is not permitted to be on the WARF property.  The reason given was that he was coaching an organized group of swimmers during July and August even though he had received a email from the manager of the parks and rec dept saying she believed this wasn’t true as well as the two managers who were monitoring the swimming.  the coach has asked the Town of Warrenton for the real reason several times and has not received an answer.  

The parks and rec director, the town manager, the town attorney, the Ward council representative, and the mayor were asked.

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